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What do I need to rent a Jeep?

Renting a Jeep from us is easy! 

  • All Drivers must be over 25 years of age

  • All Drivers must have full coverage insurance on a personal vehicle

  • We collect a Security Deposit of $500/day. You will get this back when the jeep is returned.

Are Pets Allowed?

Unfortunately, Pets are not allowed in our Jeeps, some people are sensitive to dander and hair. We are partnered up with Life is Suite Pet Resort located right here in West Sedona. We can even bring the Jeep directly to the boarding facility to make it a seamless transaction!

We recommend:

Life is Suite Pet Resort

115 Monte Vista Lane

Sedona AZ 86336


Do you offer Insurance?

We do not offer any form of insurance. To rent a Jeep from us, you must have full coverage insurance on your personal vehicle that transfers to a rental car.

Questions? Call or E-mail

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