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Off Road Driving Tips

a quick primer on vehicle and trail use.

4HI is for off pavement use only. Shift back into 2HI as soon as you hit the streets

To shift from 2HI to 4HI pull firmly on the 4wd selector level. You will see an indicator on the instrument cluster light up indicating that you are in 4 wheel drive. This can be done while moving.

To shift from 4HI to 4L (4 wheel drive low range) shift the transmission into N then firmly move the 4wd selector lever to the passenger side, then back. This is best done while coasting at 2-3 MPH but can be done at a full stop. You will see an indicator on the instrument cluster light up indicating you are in 4L.

4 wheel drive low range (4L) uses a low range gear set. This means massive torque for climbing hills and boulders, but also compression braking for coming down hills and boulders too. 4L is NEVER for street use.

While in 4H or 4L you can disconnect the front anti sway bar by pressing the "sway bar" button next to the 4wd selector lever. "sway bar" will light up on the instrument panel in yellow. This will allow for maximum suspension travel and improved comfort. The sway bar will automatically reconnect when you shift into 2H or exceed 18 MPH. 

It is best to place your tires on top of big rocks, rather than trying to straddle them.

Jeeps are meant to crawl. Slow down and enjoy the scenery! Keep your speed below 15 MPH while jeeping.

The Tour Jeeps are on a schedule... if you see one trying to pass, let them!

NEVER leave the trail. Please don't destroy delicate desert habitat. There are places to drive wild, but Sedona isn't one of them.

Everything in the Desert is sharp, hooked, barbed, poisonous, and dangerous. We have no cuddly plants! Remember that while hiking.

Leave it! Federal law prohibits taking pretty much anything you find. That means rocks, plants, and artifacts.

Take it! Don't leave your trash behind. Pack it in, Pack it out.

Be courteous to other drivers. Often right of way just comes down to whoever can pull over safely to let others pass. Be friendly. Smile!

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