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Dry Creek Road

Difficulty: Easy
Length: 5 Miles
Time: 1.5 - 2 Hours

Dry creek road hosts The Devil's Bridge, a large natural arch, way up on the mountainside. Van Deren's cabin, an old homestead built-in 1924, and Vulte Arch. The two arches involve a few miles of hiking but offer some incredible views of the red rocks! 
The Road is rated as easy and my jeeps will have no difficulty getting through. At the very beginning of the trail is a large mound of dirt and rock built up by the forest service intended to stop lesser vehicles. Shift into 4HI and climb right over!  A short drive down the road and you will see the parking area for The Devil's Bridge Trail on the right side. A little further down the road is Van Deren's Cabin and Dry Creek Road eventually ends at the trailhead for Vulte Arch.

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